Production process of bamboo chopsticks

2021-09-27 350

  Bamboo chopsticks are something we almost touch every day. Now let's introduce how bamboo chopsticks are made.

  1、 Cut bamboo. Cutting moso bamboo is a hard work. It's not easy.

  2、 Transporting moso bamboo. There are local roads that can be transported by car. Without roads, it is more tiring. You can only carry mules and carriages, shoulder to shoulder and hand to hand.

  3、 Appearance treatment

  4、 Cut into strips

  5、 Polishing. Processed into bamboo pieces

  6、 Disinfection. The bacteria were sterilized with bleaching powder in the disinfection tank, and then heated for 48 hours.


  7、 Exposure. After disinfection, the fan is boring, which is better.

  8、 Blank. Chopsticks beater can usually make about 120 chopsticks per minute

  9、 Forming and grinding. The preliminary bamboo blank is trimmed by a billet cutter, sharpened and polished in the future.

  10、 Painting and printing. The function of painting chopsticks is to isolate external bacteria and form a protective film. After printing paper, attach some exquisite pictures and the brand name of chopsticks. A pair of ordinary bamboo chopsticks is made.

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