How did disposable chopsticks come from?

2021-09-27 369

  It was a Japanese businessman who introduced disposable chopsticks to China. China also exported many disposable chopsticks to Japan because of a Japanese businessman. In the early 1990s, when some Japanese businessmen initially pioneered the processing base of overseas disposable chopsticks, a Japanese businessman first established a small factory producing disposable chopsticks in Northeast China. Initially, this small factory did not directly use China's wood to produce disposable chopsticks exported to Japan, but used white birch imported from Siberia of Russia for processing and production.


  Later, I saw that it was profitable. Not only many Japanese businesses entered China and invested in factories in China through joint ventures, but even some local enterprises in China also initially switched to disposable chopsticks. In this way, China's disposable chopsticks exported to Japan are also initially widespread in China. In the 1980s, it was initially possible to use the longer bamboo as the material to produce more environmentally friendly disposable chopsticks. With the strengthening of people's awareness and the progress of health knowledge, disposable chopsticks have been developed rapidly. The share of disposable chopsticks has reached 50%. There is more momentum than wooden chopsticks

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