How to distinguish the quality of disposable chopsticks?

2021-09-27 354

  Mainly from the packaging of disposable chopsticks, whether the chopsticks have qualified packaging is very important, and whether the packaging has the factory address, telephone and company name, etc. The following figure shows the disposable chopsticks produced by a relatively standardized manufacturer. The packaging is very neat, and all kinds of information on the packaging is very complete and hygienic. If disposable chopsticks don't even have packaging, there's no quality. They must be made in imitation, and the quality is not guaranteed at all. This method is very necessary for catering businesses to select manufacturers of disposable chopsticks.

  From the color of disposable chopsticks, good quality disposable chopsticks should be the natural wood color. If the color is too white, it has been processed with sulfur dioxide. If it is too black, too yellow or moldy, it shows that the quality of chopsticks is not qualified, and the color of disposable chopsticks is the normal color. The chopsticks in Figure 2 are defective disposable chopsticks.


  Identify the quality from the smell of chopsticks. If chopsticks have a heavy smell of sulfur dioxide, it is clarified that this kind of chopsticks have been treated with sulfur dioxide, and normal chopsticks should have no peculiar smell. For example, the musty smell also illustrates that chopsticks are damp and can not be used now. The following figure shows the defective disposable chopsticks.

  Can also do experiments, put disposable chopsticks in water, if the color of the water does not change, explain that chopsticks are not bleached with bleach. If the color changes and the color of chopsticks turns yellow, explain that there is a problem with the quality of chopsticks.

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